The Amazon Aeroponics Setup

A some of you may know we are currently experimenting with different growing techniques. Aeroponics is a technique of growing without soil.


We have grown seeds in Rockwool cubes in a propagator until there are visible roots showing. The cubes are put into 50mm mesh pots and then these are then transplanted in to the Amazon Aeroponics system where the magic happens.


Below is the Amazon with all 16 growing modules full. Below the 4 red plastic covers are spray heads, these spray a feed mixture onto the roots, the roots will then hang in darkness in an oxygen rich environment. This photo was taken on the 13.10.2019


We have planted a mix of seedling, we have Aji Limon, Tri Colour, Rocket and Sweet Basil

The feed timer is set to 8 seconds of spray every 1 hour.

The 2 pictures below show the rapid growth of roots. This photo was taken on the 20.10.2019, 7 days since the first picture was taken.



The 2 pictures below were taken on the 25.10.2019Amazon5


As you can see the root growth is more than impressive and the top growth has really pushed on. So we have gone from the first 2 pictures to these last 2 pictures in just 12 days.

We will keep you posted on further developments

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