The Amazon Aeroponics Setup

A some of you may know we are currently experimenting with different growing techniques. Aeroponics is a technique of growing without soil.


We have grown seeds in Rockwool cubes in a propagator until there are visible roots showing. The cubes are put into 50mm mesh pots and then these are then transplanted in to the Amazon Aeroponics system where the magic happens.


Below is the Amazon with all 16 growing modules full. Below the 4 red plastic covers are spray heads, these spray a feed mixture onto the roots, the roots will then hang in darkness in an oxygen rich environment. This photo was taken on the 13.10.2019


We have planted a mix of seedling, we have Aji Limon, Tri Colour, Rocket and Sweet Basil

The feed timer is set to 8 seconds of spray every 1 hour.

The 2 pictures below show the rapid growth of roots. This photo was taken on the 20.10.2019, 7 days since the first picture was taken.



The 2 pictures below were taken on the 25.10.2019Amazon5


As you can see the root growth is more than impressive and the top growth has really pushed on. So we have gone from the first 2 pictures to these last 2 pictures in just 12 days.

We will keep you posted on further developments

Unboxing the Telos 10

We decided to go with the TELOS 0010 grow light this year after seeing them in action at the Autopot Summer Social. They are a LED grow light and a first for us as we have always used 4ft T5 grow lights, the difference being the TELOS are full spectrum meaning we can in theory produce flowers and fruit. We went for 2 of the 0010 as they cover a larger area needed for our grow tent.


They arrived very well packed, each one in a hefty box weighing in at about 10kgs each, on opening the lid a thick piece of foam was protecting the top of the unit. Even the packing had a great quality feel to it.


We removed the foam and there was the fantastic looking 0010, resting on more protective foam packaging.


Carefully removing the 0010 from its box you could tell this is a quality well put together unit, on the underside of the unit you can see the 10 LED light light clusters all with 12 separate LED, each with its own built in reflector.


Included in the box are all the fixtures and fittings, neatly packed as expected.


The supporting cables are of a plastic coated wire construction, with good quality stainless carabiners and stainless locking clamps.


The power cable is as expected, 3m in length and a unique power coupling


The support cables are easily put together with enough left over to make good adjustment when needed.


This is a closer view of the power coupling, designed so there is only one way you can connect them


The Telos range has passive cooling fans to deal with the heat, and stainless where its needed


Again plenty of cooling fins and quality aluminium construction


Each system runs using SELV. Safe Extra Low Voltage for safety.


This combined with CREE and OSRAM LED’s allows the units to give over 85,000 hours run time.20191015_111550

Here is one of the units up and running, although you cannot tell from the picture let me assure you it is bright.


Here you can see all the lights including the red spectrum too.

So we are going to do some propagation test over the next few weeks using these light, we will let you know how we get on.